Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Has Something For YOU!!

    by Caren Crane

    Dearest Banditas, Buddies and friends we've just met, June promises to be all white knights, chocolates, white weddings, love songs and forget-me-nots around the Lair! Okay, maybe not that, but we do have a ton of happenings, contests and surprises to rave about so here goes:

    June 2 - Popular Lair visitor Tiffany Clare is back to tell us about her third historical romance, The Secret Desires Of a Governess. Tiff is very generously giving away three copies of her latest book to people who comment. [I am all atwitter at the shades of Jane Eyre!]

    June 3 - RITA winner Terri Garey returns to the lair to talk about her new “Devil’s Bargain” series, and the lure of “books that go bump in the night”! (Check out those abs on her cover!)

    June 4 - It's going to be hot, HOT, HOT when Christie Kelley throws a release party for her steaming new Regency One Night Scandal! This is a party you won't want to miss. [I hope I can find a virtual designated driver!]

    June 6 - Stefanie Sloane will be talking about the Young Corinthians and her second novel The Angel In Her Arms. [There is a book trailer on her website. Oh, my!]

    June 7 - Jessica Andersen returns to the lair as Nancy's guest. June is the most popular wedding month, and Jessica will chat about favorite fictional weddings and the newest Nightkeepers novel, Storm Kissed. [Those lovely tattooed arms make me feel all stormy inside! *sigh*]

    June 10 - Anna Campbell hosts debut historical romance author and regular lair visitor Karyn Gerrard. Karyn will be talking about her new book Timeless Heart and spreading the lurve with some giveaways. [We love new authors, especially when they are old friends!]

    June 16 - Susan Gee Heino will return to the lair to talk about her July release Temptress In Training. [And wait until you find out who she is tempting...]

    June 19 - Mega basketball fan Patricia Sargeant will join us as Regina Hart to tell us about her June release Fast Break, love 'n hoops and her fabulous Brooklyn Monarchs. [I can't wait for the hunky basketball heroes!]


    Every week in June, Christie Kelley will be giving away a signed copy of one of her five releases, including One Night Scandal. Just visit her website for more details and your chance to win!

    Anna Campbell is holding a Hardback Heaven at Midnight Contest, open until 30th June. She’s giving away three signed copies of the beautiful hardcover Rhapsody Book Club edition of Midnight's Wild Passion. To enter, just email Anna on anna@annacampbell.info and tell her the name of the hero and heroine of Midnight's Wild Passion. For more information on the contest, please visit her website.

    Be sure not to miss any of the fun. We promise to be here every day with something Wildly Interesting (or at least Moderately Stimulating, if not Downright Exciting) for you!Source URL: http://afrenchkitchengardenweekend.blogspot.com/2011/05/
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When All the Pleasure Causes All the Pain

    Damn! I must be dying.

    Wouldn’t it be a fucking scream if I was? What would I do if was actually given three months to live, like my father. Climb Mount Everest? Don’t have the money. Fly to Europe? Don’t have the fucking money. “Drive in the Indy 500? No car. “Do something!” A difficult brain surgery? No education. “Write the great American novel?” I can’t even get the mediocre American novel published.

    If I was given three months to live, I’ll keep going and force myself to go on to four months. Then I would nag and tease that doctors that gave me three months. At the end of the fourth month I’d starve myself to death. At least you don’t feel any pain when you starve yourself to death. No, no kidding. You get tired, sleepy and die. If you do not eat for three days straight even the sensation of hunger goes away.

    You just expire. That would be a cool way to go. I hate suffering and pain. That shit is the pits. Have you ever wondered how you are going to buy the farm? And have you ever wondered why they call it buy the farm?  Well, you know me, I can’t let sleeping words lie. I found on the Internet: “My Air Force Officer husband told me the origin as generally accepted in USAF. When a pilot mused about retirement he would say, ‘I’m gonna buy a nice little farm and settle down’ so when a fatal crash occurred his surviving buddies would say he had ‘bought the farm’ — he had retired, permanently”.

    So I guess in my case, I’ll buy the condo, overlooking Manhattan from a million miles up in the air. Let’s say we get off this morbid subject. I’m down in the dumps lately because my computer is not up to snuff as it should be. Fucking computer hackers. I’m not gay or anything like that but I’d stick my fist right up their shitholes. I mean that. I’m pissed at everyone because I can’t direct my hatred back to those fucking computer geeks that live to destroy because they can.

    Today, I worked out and headed outside to take my walk and didn’t take my water bottle with me. Dumb move. When I got four blocks away I was in sheer pain. You can’t work out without water in the body to liquefy the bloodstream and allow smoother circulation of the oxygenated blood to the demanding muscles. When they took my blood at the 9/11 Clinic and at the blood testing lab they commented on how thick it was. They warned me to drink plenty of water. The one thing that I don’t drink enough of. Even at Metropolitan Hospital when I went to have my blood potassium checked, they said that my bloodstream was like ‘sludge’.

    So I only made a few blocks before I turned around in misery. The damn water pills that I’m on makes me piss out liquids faster than I can put it in. Even my digestive juices are having the same problem. I burp FIRE often. When I’m sleeping I puke up pure lava from my belly filling my mouth. Good thing I don’t inhale when I sleep and drown myself on my own vomit. And it’s like pure acid. I end up on my hands and knees, hurling into the garbage can.

    And my esophagus is always burning. Like I’ve swallowed a red hot coal or drank a straight shot of Jack Daniels. I still, to this date cannot believe that I used to drink that shit like water. Crazy right? Well, that's enough of my computer and health problems. Tomorrow I’m coming after you with another thought provoking topic. I promise.

    Or I can talk about my health again. I just burped pure FIRE.

    HobobobSource URL: http://afrenchkitchengardenweekend.blogspot.com/2011/05/
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Matisyahu Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre Tickets

    Matisyahu is an American Hasidic Jewish reggae musician that is known for blending traditional Jewish themes with Reggae, rock and hip-hop beat-boxing sounds together. In 2004, Matisyahu signed with JDUB Records and released his debut album, Shake Off The Dust...Arise. Since then, he has released a total of three studio albums and three live albums. He has received positive reviews from both rock and reggae outlets and was even named the Top Reggae Artist by Billboard in 2006. If you're even the slightest fan of reggae music, I highly suggest you check him out! He will be performing here at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre on Thursday, June 30th at 7:30pm.  If you don't have your Matisyahu tickets yet, don't worry - Ticket King currently has them at just $98 a piece for excellent seats! Check out our inventory and get yours now before they're gone!Source URL: http://afrenchkitchengardenweekend.blogspot.com/2011/05/
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President Obama Sets New Food Stamp Record

    You find this funny, Barack?
    Washington DC, May 31, 2011. Despite the fact that the White House told us that the recession ended in 2009, and we had a "recovery summer" in 2010, there are a record number of Americans using foodstamps in 2011.

    During the tenure of President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, food stamp usage by Americans has risen from almost 32 million when he took office in Jan 2009 to almost 45 million at the end of Mar 2011.

    That is roughly a 40% increase in food stamp use in just the past two years.

    Moreover, the expense of this program has soared from $3.6 billion per month to almost $6 billion a month, which represents a 65% increase.
    The EBT card

    President Obama has also given us the highest poverty rate in more than 50 years, currently around 15% of our population. The last time our poverty rate was this high was 1959.

    All this while the White House is telling us that the recession is over, and the recovery is in full swing. It is pretty clear that someone is lying about "recovery" and "jobs saved" and "my plan worked!"

    (Data as of May 27, 2011)
    Year Persons Households COSTS Per Person Per Household
    FY 2010 40,301,666 18,618,363 64,704,559,245 133.79 289.61
    FY 2009 33,489,975 15,232,115 50,359,917,015 125.31 275.51
    FY 2008 28,222,630 12,727,450 34,608,397,238 102.19 226.60
    FY 2008
    Oct 2007 27,007,059 12,147,478 2,763,946,525 102.34 227.53
    Nov 2007 27,153,727 12,208,064 2,766,370,199 101.88 226.60
    Dec 2007 27,385,524 12,312,552 2,789,090,515 101.85 226.52
    Jan 2008 27,580,481 12,431,141 2,778,842,340 100.75 223.54
    Feb 2008 27,547,495 12,435,938 2,779,283,488 100.89 223.49
    Mar 2008 27,770,417 12,546,256 2,814,003,256 101.33 224.29
    Apr 2008 27,967,760 12,641,595 2,838,248,777 101.48 224.52
    May 2008 28,244,913 12,762,569 2,871,358,394 101.66 224.98
    Jun 2008 28,509,720 12,886,157 2,900,078,521 101.72 225.05
    Jul 2008 28,862,959 13,052,852 2,957,149,326 102.45 226.55
    Aug 2008 29,258,947 13,219,213 2,984,537,425 102.00 225.77
    Sep 2008 31,382,561 14,085,583 3,365,488,472 107.24 238.93
    FY 2009
    Oct 2008 30,841,790 13,900,815 3,697,627,592 119.89 266.00
    Nov 2008 30,884,729 13,963,078 3,561,221,137 115.31 255.05
    Dec 2008 31,567,037 14,284,026 3,648,865,577 115.59 255.45
    Jan 2009 31,983,716 14,499,693 3,633,188,682 113.60 250.57
    Feb 2009 32,332,622 14,677,736 3,703,673,185 114.55 252.33
    Mar 2009 32,928,433 14,982,155 3,776,012,112 114.67 252.03
    Apr 2009 33,524,074 15,269,505 4,499,580,155 134.22 294.68
    May 2009 34,171,518 15,578,702 4,596,450,757 134.51 295.05
    Jun 2009 34,882,031 15,916,305 4,675,320,239 134.03 293.74
    Jul 2009 35,602,939 16,259,749 4,779,752,451 134.25 293.96
    Aug 2009 36,241,857 16,560,753 4,851,752,501 133.87 292.97
    Sep 2009 36,918,948 16,892,857 4,936,472,627 133.71 292.22
    FY 2010
    Oct 2009 37,672,818 17,253,466 5,070,842,158 134.60 293.90
    Nov 2009 38,183,998 17,516,853 5,107,135,932 133.75 291.56
    Dec 2009 38,978,986 17,886,338 5,244,898,952 134.56 293.23
    Jan 2010 39,430,990 18,117,955 5,253,958,400 133.24 289.99
    Feb 2010 39,588,798 18,242,836 5,287,836,749 133.57 289.86
    Mar 2010 40,120,061 18,531,999 5,375,721,434 133.99 290.08
    Apr 2010 40,430,508 18,696,426 5,390,405,728 133.33 288.31
    May 2010 40,801,375 18,894,473 5,450,290,971 133.58 288.46
    Jun 2010 41,275,457 19,143,488 5,503,801,482 133.34 287.50
    Jul 2010 41,836,240 19,435,378 5,601,253,390 133.89 288.20
    Aug 2010 42,389,614 19,721,843 5,677,210,696 133.93 287.86
    Sep 2010 42,911,141 19,979,296 5,741,203,353 133.79 287.36
    FY 2011
    Oct 2010 43,200,837 20,183,107 5,778,377,811 133.76 286.30
    Nov 2010 43,595,821 20,404,804 5,811,261,526 133.30 284.80
    Dec 2010 44,082,361 20,668,184 5,890,121,141 133.62 284.98
    Jan 2011 44,187,874 20,748,799 5,868,434,271 132.81 282.83
    Feb 2011 44,199,479 20,791,408 5,889,248,221 133.24 283.25
    Mar 2011 44,587,328 21,045,962 5,984,186,682 134.21 284.34
    Data for Oct. 2008 include major hurricane disaster assistance.
    FY 2010-2011 data are preliminary; all data are subject to revision.
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