Monday, June 27, 2011

Can You Keep An Eye On These Guys?

    by Suzanne

    As you know the annual Romance Writer's of America National Conference is taking place this week in New York City. I'm really excited to be going this year. It's only my second trip to New York. I get to see many of the terhand doel, some of our Bandit Buddies who hang out with us here, my critique partner Sandy Blair who no long lives near me, and this year I get to meet my editor, Jillian Bell, of Ellora's Cave Publishing. How cool is this?

    This will be my second year there as a published author and my first as a PAN member. (That stands for Published Author's Network.) So I'll get to learn the secret handshake (Kate Carlisle PROMISED me there was one) and hear all the publishing news at special workshops, (do they have those at the bar?).

    But while I'm gone I'm hoping y'all can give me a hand with something. See, I have these guys on my website who have a tendency to get a bit out of hand in a naughty, very sexy sort of way... Well, here, let me show you...
    Quinn Halliday, the Dominant hero in my book, The Surrender of Lacy Morgan

    Dakota O'Keefe, the second hero in The Surrender of Lacy Morgan

    Will Danville, the hero of my second book, which is in the works right now

    and soon to come
    Ian Smith aka Ian Smythe, Lord Brookstone
    Nicco DeCosta, the fiery Italian brother


    Yeah, I do too! My friend, Kat Baldwin, 
    did the designs and I'm proud to give her a shout out. You should see the backs.

    Oh wait, I didn't tell you, did I? (Can you blame a girl for getting distracted by all this lovely maleness?)

    These are the fronts of my new Romance Trading Cards!!! The backs are way cool and give you a feel for what these guys are all about. If you e-mail me @ and send me your snail mail addy, I'll happily send you a set! Or if you're at the conference this week, you might pick up a set at the goody room! Supplies will be limited...intentionally!! heheheSource URL:
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