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Opinion: Why Obama Could Still Win in 2012

    You can't blame him for being smug.
    Every four years we hear the same cliche... "this is the most important election of our lifetime." But the upcoming Presidential election next year might really be the "most important" in America's history.

    I say this because there is so much on the line, that the future of our nation will be hanging in the balance.

    For the past three years President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has totally botched his job, making every problem he inherited much worse.

    The only way you can debate this point is to completely ignore the facts. Our economy is in much worse shape today than it was when Obama first took office, and he had a clear field for the first two years with supermajoritites in both houses of Congress.

    If there was something Obama wanted and didn't get from Pelosi and Reid, then it was simply because he failed to ask for it. The President might have "inherited a mess" but he completely owns it now. He got every bill he wanted passed into law, and every single one of his initiatives has failed miserably.

    These are facts that only the most partisan left wing leg tingler could take issue with. Obama had his chance, and he blew it. He had a blank check, and he squandered his opportunity, so it is time for a real change back to competent, experienced, and more rational leadership.

    I say that 2012 election could be the last hope for America because we are truly at the crossroads.

    Even though this President has dug us into a deep hole it may not be too late to reverse the damage and bring our nation back to prosperity. It might take two more decades to undo the damage he did, and pay off some of the huge debt he has amassed for our children, but it still can be done if we get the right leadership next year. If the President gets four more years to continue his foolish "borrow, spend, and hope things get better" plan, then America is doomed.

    You see, President Obama is not a very bright man. He is a leftwing ideologue, who is simply using Keynesian policies that he doesn't understand, and that are obsolete in today's economy. Somewhere in his college days he heard some professor say "Keynesian economics pulled us out of the Great Depression" and he took this to be an absolute truth that should still work 80 years later.

    So his entire "plan" consists of borrowing huge sums of money and spending it as quickly as possible, hoping it will somehow create lots of new jobs. Unfortunately, this is 2011 and not 1931. This time, it's not working, and he refuses to change course. He wants to borrow even more and spend it. This is the typical leftwing response whenever one of their ideas fails... "the plan was good, we just failed to spend enough money on it."

    Failed President Carter debating future President Reagan
    Many people, myself included, developed a false sense of reassurance by making parallels between the upcoming election in 2012 and the election of 1980.

    We reasoned that Obama was this generation's "Jimmy Carter" and the voters will simply recognize his complete failure and replace him with a real President in 2012.

    Just like how the nation rejected Jimmy Carter in 1980 and replaced him with one of the finest Presidents in our history, Ronald Reagan.

    That thinking doesn't apply this time because too much has changed in the past 32 years:
    1. The voters have been considerably dumbed down by public schools, the media, and our changing culture. Facts don't matter as much today. They have been brainwashed into thinking our most urgent problems are global warming, having more diversity, recycling, and other progressive causes. It was no accident that our schools stopped emphasizing math. Without understanding math, you can't understand the danger of a growing national debt.
    2. Almost HALF the voters who elected Ronald Reagan in two landslides are now dead. They have been replaced by younger voters who have gone through the process described above, and the net result is a societal change in values to the extreme left. You can see this in the leftward drift in polls taken about gay marriage rights, the death penalty and abortion rights. It would have been impossible for someone with a blank resume like Obama to win in 1980. In 2008, he won easily. In 2012, he might win again.
    3. The media is now much more bitterly partisan, and they lean hard left. True, there are a very few exceptions, like Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, but fully 98% of media will spin the news to help the liberal agenda. Unlike 1980, they will not report "both sides of the story" but rather they see themselves as shills for the Liberal Democrat Socialists. They make absolutely no attempt to even appear non partisan, as they see their role as crusaders for a more progressive society.
    4. The Democrats have skillfully expanded the number of voters who don't pay taxes, and who are dependent on more government benefits. These are people whose own best interests lie in expanding government spending. So, while we see 9.2% unemployed as a terrible thing.... they see it as 9.2% who will always vote for anyone who promises another extension of unemployment benefits. This also explains why every liberal solution involves "taxing the rich." Most voters aren't rich.
    5. Thanks to uncontrolled borders, our immigrant population is much larger today. Most of these people eventually become voters, and they tend to vote for Liberal Democrats. And every President in recent memory has advocated "speeding up" the naturalization process, even by means of amnesty, to move our electorate further leftwards.
    6. Big business has "switched sides" and is now firmly in the camp of the radical left. President Obama accomplished this by giving them generous taxpayer funded bailouts, huge tax breaks and lots of new loopholes, and by relieving them of their biggest employment expense... the cost of healthcare benefits for their workers. Essentially, the President has taken this cost off the backs of huge corporations and placed it squarely on the backs of taxpayers. No wonder huge corporations love him. President Obama has made it possible for them to mismanage their businesses, and still get generous bonuses, which are often paid directly by the taxpayers!
    I'm not saying this to be an alarmist, just to lay out the challenge facing us next year. Unseating President Obama will be much more difficult than unseating Jimmy Carter, because so much else has changed. Too many powerful forces want to keep his policies in effect.

    And the GOP will not win unless they offer a CLEAR alternative. Serving up another RINO will only result in an Obama landslide.

    In a very odd way, the Democrat Party moving to the hard left has created a vacuum, and has drawn the GOP into the "soft left." There are precious few conservatives left in American politics today, and those remaining ones are routinely demonized by the media and the entertainment industry.

    The campaign is in full swing to make every conservative as unelectable as Barry Goldwater, Dan Quayle and Robert Bork. Do NOT underestimate this. They have done it before, and they can do it again. Even many in the mainstream GOP are prone to dismiss the Tea Party Movements as "kooks" and "extremists" while those might be the only people left getting it right.

    Beyonce Knowles has enough money to want higher taxes
    Don't be too encouraged by President Obama's recent slide in approval rating polls. The media will put him back on top. They have the power to influence election results, and they aren't shy about using it.

    God help us.

    I just hope we have the energy and the will to prevail, and to turn our nation back onto a sensible course.

    Because, if the ship sinks, then all the passengers will drown. Even the liberals. They just aren't smart enough to understand this.Source URL:
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